About Us

If you're on a journey to be truer to who you are and live in alignment with your values, Pupul's Pebbles can help you stay true to your higher self.

Pupul's Pebbles is first an offering and then a business. It is an expression of passion and service to help every person achieve a higher vibrational energy to do more good for themselves and those around them.

Our metaphysical products help you feel the energy that lifts you up and holds you tight. Our high vibrational crystals gently nudge you to detach and transform at your pace. Above all else, our natural stones enable you to feel at your highest! 

It can be challenging to detach from the world around you and stay true to who you are. We know because this is our story too.The power of our crystals helps heal and guide transformation. Rohan and I both agree that to truly send out the purest energy, we need to respect Mother Earth first. Therefore, our crystals are selected with intention & integrity.

Each and every stone and piece is natural and sustainably and ethically sourced. Each is different in shape, size and the energy it carries.

May these beautiful stones and crystals lend you their strength, support and guidance as you move through the stages of your life. Reach out to us if you need help with crystal recommendations and ways to program them.