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Larvikite Towers

Larvikite Towers

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Clarity | Protection | Grounding

- Larvikite is used to eliminate negative energies from both physical and ether UC bodies & is beneficial for grounding.It cancels out dark magic and hexes, and repels all forms unwanted energies.

- It inspires patience, compassion and a remarkably grounded common-sense. Larvikite reveals reality very clearly.

Larvikite helps us process the past and release trauma and pain. It supports us when we desperately want closure.

Larvikite focuses our mind and gives us mental strength when we need to use logic during tricky situations. 

NOTE : This listing is for ONE 4.5” Larvikite Tower . 

DISCLAIMER :  Each crystal is one of a kind! Each one will display its own unique personality, and it will vary slightly in color and shape. You will receive one piece - similar in shape, color and quality to the one in the photo.

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  • Empowering Your
    Spiritual Journey

  • Each Stone is

  • Sustainably and
    Responsibly Collected

  • Limited Edition
    & High Quality